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Henrico Digital is a digital business
and talent consultancy.

What we offer?

We offer digital & ICT talents headhunting, Interim Management and IT freelancer services. We also provide digital business consultancy services for companies.


For Companies

See how we can help you find the right digital talent for your business.


For Talents

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Who we are?

Henrico is a digital business consultancy in the Nordic countries, specialising in digital and ICT talents headhunting & Interim Management services. In our freelancer network, we have 60+ independent Senior Digital Business Consultants at your service.

We strive to understand our clients’ needs and always keep what we promise. We are brave and agile.

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What our customers say about us

“Henrico Digital acted in a professional manner and managed to get the desired applicants to get interested in the open position and to participate in the interview process. Our collaboration was smooth and agile, from start to finish. I can warmly recommend Henrico Digital’s headhunting services for digital and IT supervisory/management roles to others as well.”

Jussi Nummelin
CEO, Minimani

”Henrico Digital helped us find ICT professionals utilising silent headhunting/search. It is often challenging to find these kinds of hard-core professionals, but due to Henrico’s strong ICT industry knowledge we managed to hire experienced professionals to both positions.
Working with Henrico was professional and agile. I can warmly recommend them to others in need of demanding ICT talent headhunting.”

Katri Harra-Salonen
CDO, Kojamo Oy

Some of our customers


Some of our customers



Henrico Digital vahvistaa

Vuodesta 2019 toimineella Henrico Digitalilla on kolme palvelukonseptia: digitaalisten verkkokaupparatkaisuiden tuotanto, digistrategioiden konsultointi sekä digialan osaajien ja johtajien suorahaku- ja interim-palvelut. Kilpailuvalttina on näiden palveluiden ketterä tarjoaminen hyödyntämällä yli 25:n digialan kokeneen osaajan freelancer-verkostoa.

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