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We offer digital & ICT talents headhunting, Interim Management-, and IT freelancer services. We also provide digital business consultancy services for companies.

Digital & ICT Headhunting Services

Senior Digital Consultant Services

Contract Software Developer

Dedicated Developer Team (56€/h)

Digital & ICT Headhunting Services

We provide professional headhunting services to companies’ digital and ICT teams. Our typical headhunting process follows these steps:

1. We start with a joint meeting with the client, where we outline the job requirements and specify the profile for the talent in need. We also want to understand how your company and business unit operates and about the team and other key stakeholders the employee would be working with, in order to be able to find the best suited candidates for your company.

2. Next, we will set off to work and use our wide networks to track down suitable candidates. If jointly agreed, we may publish the job posting in our own channels to gain further visibility to the job opening. We then create a long list of potential candidates (usually 8-12) and present it to the client, who can then select the most interesting ones for 1st Phase interviews with our recruitment consultant.

3. Based on the outcomes of these 1st Phase interviews, we make a summary and recommend the most suitable candidates to be interviewed by the client. These 2nd Phase interviews usually involve 2-5 candidates. If needed, we can provide professional skills & personality assessments as part of the interviewing process to the top candidates.

4. Final interviews and negotiations take place between the client and the candidate, who will then happily sign the contract.

Typically a digital or ICT headhunting project takes about 1-2 months, depending on the scope and requirements for the position. We also provide a 6 months satisfaction guarantee to all our headhunting assignments.

Senior Digital Consultant Services

All our senior digital freelancing consultants are hand-picked, work flexibly and are known to conduct business in an experienced and professional manner. We are proud and happy to recommend them further to our clients. Many of our senior consultants have more than 10 years of experience from leading big eCommerce stores and digital marketing teams in big companies.

Benefits of using Henrico’s Senior Digital Consultants:

  • Fast & easy – able to start within days or weeks
  • Experienced – will be able to grasp concepts quickly, have seen similar things before and will be able to avoid common pitfalls
  • Flexible – this is a business agreement, not a work contract, so temporary assignments on a short notice are fine!
  • No personnel admin – smooth “hiring” processes according to agreed targets/deliverables
  • Outside perspectives – consultants are able to bring benchmarks & best practises from other companies
  • Contracts are made between Henrico & client, so it is a safe way for all parties to proceed.

Some examples of assignments our Senior Digital Consultants have been involved with include, e.g.

  • Digital specialist work (ongoing work 1-2 days/week)
  • Online service development project management (4-6 months)
  • Acting as a CDO/CMO for a company (6-18 months)
  • eCom training package development and training delivery for a customer (1-3 months project)
  • Substitution in a key position until a permanent hire is made (oftentimes it may take several months before a new permanent inhouse person is able to start in the position).

Contract Software Developer

Henrico Digital provides skilled software developers as a rental service. We are a trusted and reliable Finnish talent service provider. We can assign you developers that meet the desired requirements and skillsets that are needed in your company’s tech development. 

As part of StaffPoint Group, we utilize our international partner network which operates in more than 40 countries. From our EU-wide talent network we are able to source and assign developers to our customers quickly and efficiently. Fix your talent shortage with just one partner. 

Have a look at the benefits and challenges of this cooperation model below and see if this was just the right solution for your company.


  • Developer has exactly the skills and previous experience your team requires 
  • Developer works as part of your team (7,5 h/day, 5 days per week)
  • Developer works with your company’s selected apps and tools, and follows the procedures and principles set by your company
  • Developer works for you flexibly (typically 6 or 12 month periods)
  • Developers are assigned from a reliable Finnish company (Henrico Digital, part of StaffPoint Group)
  • Agreements and invoicing-related communications are handled in Finnish (or English if required) 

Challenges to overcome: 

  • Developers do not live in Finland (but they are EU residents)
  • Working language is English 
  • Client company should have experience from working with remote employees

Dedicated Developer Team (56€/h)

Speed up your tech development and hire an entire software developer team in Spain!

Henrico in cooperation with StaffPoint’s Spanish business unit offers entire teams of dedicated software developers as a service.  

The dedicated developer team works exclusively for one client company. The developers are hand-picked individually to match the client’s tech stack requirements. The tech talents are recruited locally in Spain with care and precision. Each dedicated team has at least 6 software developers (minimum). 

Our tech hub is located in Malaga tech region, in Mijas, in the sunny coast of Spain. In this cooperation the client is able to enjoy the benefits of an international talent operation whilst being able to interact in Finnish with a reliable Finland-based company. 

The area called Malaga tech and economic region is a great place to source tech talents. StaffPoint has a significant business operation in the region with around 100 employees working in several different client functions. The dedicated teams that are recruited and carefully customized for each client work at StaffPoint’s very professional and modern office facilities in Mijas.  

Benefits & Operating Model: 

  • 56€/h+VAT (senior-level developer)
  • Dedicated developer team as a service (minimum 6 developers) 
  • Every developer is recruited according to specific client requirements 
  • Clients can visit their team anytime (the more the better)
  • Client can provide devices (e.g. laptops) to the team 
  • Requirement-specific team can be recruited typically in 8-10 weeks 
  • The size of the team can be increased flexibly
  • There are Finnish-speaking site managers in Mijas 
  • Henrico’s Account & Project Manager actively travels between Spain and Finland ensuring a smooth cooperation
  • In the EU region cyber security and VPN processes can be organized
  • For clients in finance and healthcare industries it is possible to arrange invoicing without VAT 
  • Time difference -1 hour to Finland

Challenges to overcome

  • Team’s working language is English 
  • The team is physically located in Spain
  • The team works through subcontracting rather than as regular employees (Henrico invoices the client directly)

Our single goal is to have long-term partnerships with our clients who are happy with our services. If you are interested, please contact us and let’s talk more about how we can help your company.

A few examples of freelancer senior profiles for Henrico

Terhi Aho
Tomi Kinnunen
Petri Mertanen
Anne Riihimäki
Ville-Mikko Korkka
Jouni Oksanen
Laura Lohi
Tero Valkiala
Arhi Kivilahti
Esa Peltonen

Combination of senior skills from:

  • Online grocery start-ups
  • Big Nordic level eCommerce stores team lead (B2B & B2C)
  • Digital & eCommerce strategy build-up
  • Recruiting & building up agile digital teams
  • SaaS business platforms
  • Design thinking
  • Digital marketing & online sales
  • User behaviour measurement & web analytics
  • Martech implementation
  • ECom content writing & UX
  • SEO content
  • CRO

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