Henrico Digital´s last six months rapid growth has given us the opportunity to start Henrico Digital Academy, offering digital professionals courses on digital business. We at Henrico Digital are all senior eCommerce and digital business freelancers & leaders from big Nordic level companies. We want to offer our own expertise for our customers, which helps individual level development of professionalism in digital business.

When companies invest in education and learning for their workers and leaders, companies will ensure the long term growth of revenue and profit. Personnel and their motivation & skills development are one of the most important factors in companies growth path.

Henrico Digital Academy´s courses are divided in three sections:

  • Practical training services for digital specialists
  • Strategy training services for digital leaders
  • Tailor-made digital business trainings

Why to choose Henrico Digital Academy to your company´s digital business trainer?

Henrico Digital´s freelancer seniors knowledge on digital business is very strong. We have plenty of long experience from different industries digital businesses from big Nordic level companies.

Our long experience helps digital specialists and digital leaders to grow their own expertise as well as help their companies to rapid growth path.

We deal the topics in practical, and easy to understand level. We want that the Henrico Digital Academy participants leave from our Academy with backpack full of new skills and case-examples to use in real life.

We also want to share our broad network of digital professionals, which includes over 25 000 digital professionals in Nordic level. By participating to our Academy you also can be part of this network.

Please do not hesitate to ask more our Academy trainings from our Founder & CEO Tomi. He will be more than happy to answer to your questions and help you to find best trainings to fit for your needs.

Tomi Pyyhtiä
Founder & CEO, Henrico Digital
phone: +358 50 388 4106

Henrico Digital Academy

Digital specialist trainings

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Digital leaders trainings

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Tailor-made digital trainings

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