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Henrico is a digital business consultancy in the Nordic countries, specialising in digital and ICT talent headhunting & Interim Management services. In our freelancer network, we have 25+ independent Senior Digital Business Consultants at your service. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and always keep what we promise. We are brave and agile.

  • Our aim is to provide talent to companies’ digital & ICT needs, whether short or long term, in project work or inhouse.
    • Our professional headhunting services focus on finding the right digital & ICT talent for companies’ inhouse teams. Learn more about our Headhunting services here or get in touch.
      • Many companies struggle to find skilled and experienced people that are able to jump into their projects quickly and start delivering from day 1. Henrico’s network of 25+ Senior Digital Consultants work independently as freelancers, and have multiple years of digital experience under their belt. They are able to help out on a short notice, and offer a smooth and flexible way of working. Our consultants’ roots are from the frontlines of digital business. Get to know some of us better.

        Henrico as a Company

        Henrico Digital was established in 2019 to provide professional services to the growing number of companies looking for digital and ICT talent to join both inhouse teams as well as to companies’ interim needs and projects.

        Vuonna 2021 Staffpoint Group, joka on yksi Suomen suurimmista henkilöstöpalveluyrityksistä, osti Henrico Digitalin liiketoiminnan. Yhdessä Staffpointin kanssa Henrico pystyy tarjoamaan entistä laajemmat mahdollisuudet niin osaajia etsiville yrityksille kuin myös kokeneille digikonsulteille, jotka etsivät freelancer-työtä.

            Our mission & Our vision

            We are brave & agile. We bring more revenue & more customers – fast.

            We are a modern digital business agency and a good career choice for freelancer senior digital business professionals in the Nordics.

            . . .

            Henrico name comes from USS Henrico (APA-45 a Bayfield-class attack transport) that served with the United States Navy in World War II, winning many battles and medals.

            What our customers say about us

            “Henrico Digital acted in a professional manner and managed to get the desired applicants to get interested in the open position and to participate in the interview process. Our collaboration was smooth and agile, from start to finish. I can warmly recommend Henrico Digital’s headhunting services for digital and IT supervisory/management roles to others as well.”

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            Jussi Nummelin

            CEO, Minimani

            ”Henrico Digital helped us find ICT professionals utilising silent headhunting/search. It is often challenging to find these kinds of hard-core professionals, but due to Henrico’s strong ICT industry knowledge we managed to hire experienced professionals to both positions.
            Working with Henrico was professional and agile. I can warmly recommend them to others in need of demanding ICT talent headhunting.”

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            Katri Harra-Salonen

            CDO, Kojamo Oy

            ”We were very happy with Henrico Digital’s help. We received lots of new and valuable information regarding mobile solutions in the travel industry. I can warmly recommend Henrico as a digital business consulting service to others as well.”

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            Juhani Huhtala

            Kehitysjohtaja, Lapland Hotels & Safaris

            “Henrico Digital managed to get the desired applicants to become interested in the position and to participate in the application process. They clearly have strong experience from digital business and have a wide network of digital professionals.
            Henrico acted quickly and in an agile manner. I can warmly recommend Henrico Digital to others looking for digital Managerial-level headhunting services.”

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            Outi Nylund

            Chief Customer Experience Officer, Holiday Club Resorts

            “With Henrico´s help, we got more insights on how for example our paid search advertising works and what web analytics information we could use better in improving our eCommerce store customer experience and conversions. Henrico was very professional, brave, and rapid in their approach and thus helped us to lift our eCom daily operations.”

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            Ilkka Haapaniemi

            CEO & Partner, Drop Design Pool

            ”We have been very pleased to work with Henrico Digital founder & CEO Tomi Pyyhtiä on this project. He has helped us to see how we can be more competitive and successful in the near future.”

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            Jyrki Rehumäki

            CEO, Aller Media Finland Oy

            “Henrico Digital made an digital audit for our web properties and digital marketing such as Google Analytics, Google Ads (PPC) and Google Display.
            The audit gave us good insights and suggestions on how to improve our web pages user experience and digital marketing ROMI.”

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            Anssi Kiviranta

            Co-Founder, Strand Properties